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  • Talisman Spatula

    Product Code: HO200

    $10.45(inc GST)


  • Gold / Colour Applicator Pen (FE900)

    Product Code: JU900

    Perfect for fine line writing or decoration using Gold or Platinum

    $21.51(inc GST)


  • Kushi Comb

    Product Code: JU6000

    A Japanese tool of polished wood beautifully finished. Used to produce 'Kushime' comb grain decoration as well as many other decorative effects.

    $13.75(inc GST)


  • Sculptors Thumb 135mm

    Product Code: JU6755

    Beautiful hard natural timber. Turned, polished wooden thumb, that duplicates thumb and finger without abrasive wear to the sculptor's hands. The...

    $11.33(inc GST)


  • Throwing Guide 33cm H x 25cm W (WG-25)

    Product Code: JU7025

    Designed for throwing multiple consistent sized forms. First decide on the size (diameter and height) and profile of the form, then...

    $71.50(inc GST)


  • Rolling Pin - Heavy 510 x 75mm diam

    Product Code: JU7101

    For rolling out clay slabs. All hard wood, 510mm long with a 75 mm barrel.

    $38.50(inc GST)


  • Lace Tool 165mm

    Product Code: JU7201

    Heavy blunt needle on one end and tear-drop flat shape on the other. 150 mm long.

    $5.50(inc GST)


  • Cleanup Tool 160mm

    Product Code: JU7202

    Used to clean up greenware by removing imperfections and enhancing or sharpening any embossing. 200 mm long.

    $6.98(inc GST)


  • Weenie 150mm

    Product Code: JU7203

    A double ended looped wire tool which will give a medium to heavy line. 150 mm long.

    $4.90(inc GST)


  • Sgraffito 160mm

    Product Code: JU7205

    The sgraffito is available as a double ended looped wire tool that, depending on which end is used, will give a fine or heavy sgraffito line. 150...

    $4.90(inc GST)


  • Cleanup Tool K23 160mm

    Product Code: JU7223

    Primarily used to 'clean up' greenware by removing seams and imperfections and for enhancing and sharpening any embossing. They may also be used...

    $4.46(inc GST)


  • Clean Up Brush C51 #10 160mm

    Product Code: JU7225

    A great tool for general cleaning, especially smoothing edges of holes etc

    $8.80(inc GST)


  • Slip Trailer - Large (Rubber Bulb 90ml)

    Product Code: JU7254

    This rubber bulb 90mL slip trailer is perfect for engobes and where large areas need to be covered.

    $17.16(inc GST)


  • Decorator Slip Trailer Kit TM639

    Product Code: JU7267

    60 mL soft Decorator bottle with a Purple 16 gauge 25mm tip and a T: cleaning needle, Pink 18 gauge and Yellow 20 gauge 12mm tips with Tan fine tip...

    $16.50(inc GST)


  • Throwing Stick Curved 330mm

    Product Code: JU7351

    These 300 mm long wooden tools are used for working on the inside of tall narrow necked pots on the wheel.

    $9.84(inc GST)


  • Throwing Stick Straight 330mm

    Product Code: JU7352

    These 300 mm long wooden tools are used for working on the inside of tall narrow necked pots on the wheel.

    $8.30(inc GST)


  • Turning Tool Small 165mm

    Product Code: JU7502

    Double Ended ribbon tool used for shaping wet or leatherhard clay. Wooden handle 150 mm long

    $6.27(inc GST)


  • Glaze / Colour Blower C50#54

    Product Code: JU8054

    A manual spray / airbrush - ideal for any colour / glaze application usually achieved with a motorised airbrush.

    $7.70(inc GST)


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